Brand Workshops

The brand is a unique asset to a company. It must be defined, agreed and managed to ensure that everything the company does feeds into and from it, thereby building consistent long-term relationships with both consumers and employees. Until the brand is fully agreed, it is hard to get all company activities working synergistically. But it is often very difficult to gather inputs from all parties, and then get buy-in to the recommendations.

In our workshops, we cover the exploration of possibilities for the brand, both emotional and rational. Then the team evaluates and agrees the strategic direction and guidelines for implementation.

Workshops we have facilitated include:

  • Brand architecture: explore and agree brand structure including vision, values, mission, positioning, targeting, personality and essence

  • Brand stretch: explore, assess and agree potential new industry, product and service sectors that the existing brand might relevantly enter

  • Crossing borders: identify how the brand can relevantly behave and express itself around the world, staying true to itself and relevant to local consumers

  • Agency pitch planning: fast-track interrogation and understanding of Client brief to explore and develop creative strategy

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