Training Workshops

We design and run training workshops for individual companies and professional bodies/trade associations. Whilst there is invariably the need for some 'lectures', as far as possible delegates learn experientially and we incorporate case work and interactive exercises. Internal programmes can be designed to incorporate team building and motivational benefits as required, and can be tailored to fit with Client's existing approaches.

Training workshops we have run include:

  • Working creatively: learn how to use and apply processes, tools and techniques to improve the breadth, novelty and quality of ideas and hypotheses in addressing challenges and issues; generating options and assessing possibilities to improve competitive edge

  • Strategic thinking: learn a structured and inspirational approach to aid development of powerful and relevant brand and marketing strategy

  • Building brands: understand the power of branding and learn how to develop the key elements of your brand architecture

  • Consumer-centric thinking: how to approach strategy development from the perspective of the end-consumer; what questions to ask and how to develop and validate your thinking

  • Facilitation: learn how to run more effective meetings and the tools and techniques of brainstorming and idea evaluation

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